Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trikonasana in Yoga


The Trikonasana is an asana (pose) in triangular stance; which improves flexibility and muscular support and joint movements.

Trikonasana is a 2 dimensional movement posture where the triangular movement is done on the right and left sides of the body. Stand with both the feet being 3 to 4 feet apart, knees straight (not bent) and turns the right foot completely to the outside and the left foot less than 45 degrees to the inside. 

Spread out the arms to the sides parallel to the ground with palms facing downwards. Extend your trunk to the right side as much as possible and comfortable. After extending your trunk, drop down your right arm to reach the shin or a block or on the floor. While the right arm touches down, the left arm is extended vertically up. Move your head upwards so that it gazes the left arm towards the left thumb.

Take a 3 deep breaths and when completed, slowly rise yourself up and stand straight with the legs still apart. Repeat the same stance on the left side with 3 deep breaths. As you keep on practicing, you can increase the deep breath count from 3 to 5 to 7 and ultimately to 10.