Friday, October 28, 2016

Basic equipment required to start practicing Yoga

Practice of Yoga has been a age old practice. It began in the age of saints and rishis and they developed the practice while living in forests and then later building shelter huts amidst the forests.

What this tells us is that Yoga does not need anything as such to practice and anyone can practice Yoga, either through guidance or by self study.

Yet there are now certain things that can help to begin practicing Yoga in a more easy manner.
Here are some suggestions that can help improve your Yoga practice:
1. Find a Yoga teacher in your local area. 
The Yoga teacher could be someone who has a studio, or goes to a studio or can come to your home at the times possible for you.
Remember the third option of the Yoga practitioner coming to your home and at the times possible for you will always mean more costly class than would be while visiting the Yoga studio.

2 Buy some Yoga books
Books are ultimate friends and go a long way while learning and practicing Yoga.
Search on Online shopping websites with keywords like Yoga for dummies, Yoga for beginners etc.

3. Buy some DVDs and CDs.
DVDs and CDs help to listen and repeat the same steps until you are confident with the steps. DVDs give visual support. Go to your local store or check online.

4. Buying a Yoga mat
Yoga mats help give a non slippery base and support when you are learning Yoga. It gives confidence as well to practice Yoga. There can be a Classic mat which is usually thin. While a thicker mat gives more support.

5. What clothes to wear while doing Yoga?
Loose and stretchable clothes are best to practice Yoga. A loose kurta and pajama are good to start with and you probably have them in your cloth collections.