Monday, October 10, 2016

How to perform Jalneti

How to do Jalneti?
How to do Jalneti?

This is a cleansing and immune boosting activity, wherein a specially designed pot is used to cleanse the nostrils with warm saline water.

Benefits of Jalneti
The benefits of doing regular jala neti are as follows:
Helps clean the nostrils and nasal passage of dirt and mucus.
Helps in relieving symptoms of sinus congestion, nasal blockage and inflamed adenoids.
Helps relieve headaches due to congestion of the sinuses, thereby promoting sleep and relaxing the mind.
On a more pathological plane, jala neti also helps in treating lung disorders (asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis) and has been found to be effective migraines, depression and even epilepsy.
It helps in activating the ajna chakra by acting on the olfactory bulb located above the sinuses

Process of doing Jalneti
1. Fill the neti pot with lukewarm saline water – this mimics the pH and temperature of the nasal passages
2. Insert the neti spout into the left nostril.
3. Gently and slowly tilt the head to the right so that water enters the left nostril.
4. Please keep your mouth open so as to be able to keep breathing.
5. The water flows through the left nostril and comes out of the right nostril – provided the head tilt is at the correct angle.
6. Allow the water to flow freely through the nostrils for about 15 seconds.
7. Remove the neti spout and gently blow the nose.
8. Repeat the same process this time with the neti spout in the right nostril and the head tilted towards the left.
Jal neti should ideally be done in the morning on a daily basis; frequency can be increased when one is suffering from cold and sinus congestions.